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Price Isn't Everything!

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How To Use This Table

If price is everything, and you only want to shop at one store, check the Grand Totals on this table.

If you are willing to shop around, check the costs by department.  

Where possible brand names have been compared against each other, but please remember--no judgment has been made on the quality of Meats, and Fruits & Vegetables.  Price isn't everything!

Summary Costco S. Store IGA North Co-op Safeway Save On IGA South
Meat / Kg 22.68 22.58 26.48 27.57 27.12 28.62 23.79
Fruits and Vegetables / Lb 1.01 1.15 0.89 1.19 1.28 1.18 1.48
Canned & Frozen Goods 7.35 7.72 11.98 11.77 10.68 13.31 12.34
Dairy, etc. 17.93 22.00 20.94 25.20 23.06 22.07 25.47
Staples & Misc. 61.40 59.60 73.94 70.11 77.89 87.39 90.02
December Totals * 110.37 113.05 134.23 135.83 140.04 152.57 153.10
August Totals * 81.41 74.00 93.47 98.10 102.83 n/a



*The "basket" of items checked was not consistent; this comparison does not indicate a price increase!  Also the range of prices has stayed remarkably consistent. 

At this time there doesn't appear to be a consistent, significant, price difference between

bullet SuperStore and Costco.
bulletSafeway, Co-Op, IGA North, IGA South, and Save-On.

Between these groups there are price differences; however, as always there are trade-offs.  Please see the "Price Isn't Everything" menu to the side.

Other Price Factors

Costco has an annual membership of approximately $45.00.

Safeway, Co-Op, and both IGA's accept charge cards (some cards provide up to a 5% incentive towards buying a car).

Co-Op membership, if you have one, will make you eligible for dividends.

Safeway gives AirMiles.

Safeway and Save-On's prices were recorded at their lower, free, membership rates.

Both IGAs have a coupon arrangement to help reduce your grocery bill.

New Stores

bulletThe Co-Op and Save-On Food's new stores are now open.
bulletIGA South's  extensive renovations are almost complete.


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